The Science Of Social Media With Girl Behind The Hustle’s Lu’Cretia Thomas

By: The Black Creators Club, written by: Brittany Fuller

Turning a side hustle into a thriving business takes dedication, grit, and a dynamic message to catch the eyes of consumers. LuCretia L.C Thomas, a social media scientist, and entrepreneur sits down with The Black Creators Club to discuss the ingenuity and power of commanding your side hustle through social media. In this power-packed episode, she takes us through the unique formula she's developed for her brand and what she advises for others.

Every day, it seems a new business is born from a side hustle and is a common occurrence for many people today who want to work smarter and not harder for their money. Whether it be an indie clothing shop or a digital consulting firm, the new age of entrepreneurship has created avenues for people to achieve their dreams and have financial freedom. In a recent episode of The Black Creators Club, hosts Akilah Friend and Eboné Chatman interviewed the mind behind Girl Behind The Hustle, LuCretia L.C Thomas. Girl Behind the Hustle is an online community and podcast that shares marketing strategies and motivation for women who seek to elevate their lives through entrepreneurship.

“You gotta have something in your back pocket, some sort of skill that you can always use to create another stream of income.”- LuCretia L.C Thomas

Thomas, a social media scientist, and strategist from Chicago shared dynamic tips and advice for all the budding entrepreneurs and creators looking to elevate their brand. After being fired from her job in corporate America, she found herself at an impasse. LuCretia took the “push” as a sign to pour into her event planning business, her part-time hustle at the time. With a goal and challenge in mind, she set out to push herself to strive in her chosen industry and make her hustle work for her!

Like many small businesses, ideation and actual creation are two of the most challengings steps that every company faces and an integral part of success. Transiting a side hustle into “bread and butter” and a source of income, Thomas found herself lacking the necessary resources and formulas that could aid her in elevating her business. It was in this search that she found herself creating a new community and a new business venture. It was in this community she could become a resource and tool to others seeking freedom in entrepreneurship. Girl Behind the Hustle became an avenue for LuCretia to meet an overlooked gap in the market and offer the tools many seek on the road to success.

Armed with a combination of strategies, industry knowledge, and customer service experience, Thomas grew her budding online community, Girl Behind The Hustle, to impressive heights in two years. Going from zero followers to over forty-three thousand required a unique “science” and pizzaz that she shares with us. According to Thomas, having the right formula and sharing relatable and tailored content to your desired audience is key to keeping consumers engaged. Hashtags, reels, and other social trends are great marketing tools that build brand awareness. The “accessories” afforded on social media allow us to reach our targets and others when branding is clear.

“Hashtags help build brand awareness, so I'm big on brand awareness. I'm very big on building brand awareness and community as a marketing strategy. Hashtags are one of those items that help with that.”

Business and branding are fluid entities that require periods of change; Thomas, with that understanding, leaves herself open to new ideas, advice, and trends to better serve her community and clients.

Starting with a focus on wellness, LuCretia repositioned her brand when she saw the shift and need from her followers for tips on making money. Utilizing tools like a schedule, trending watching, and creating evergreen content, she starts each day armed with content that matches her intentions. Social media, which we know is a powerful marketing tool, allows podcasts like Girl Behind The Hustle to reach women in need of LuCretia’s skill set.

To hear more about the tips, tricks, and invaluable gems LuCretia shares with us in this power-packed episode, take a listen below.

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