The Black Creators Club Podcast Hosts sits with Tymera Finley, founder of House of Mera

By: The Black Creators Club, written by: Brittany Fuller

Crafting happiness through fulfilment is key to living a content life. Whether that be through art, fashion, or any passion you pursue, you are responsible to find self fulfillment. Life, like fashion, is an ever-changing tapestry that is inspired by moments that create memories. Strung together by our actions, aspirations, and desires, people are forever changed by moments. To survive in life, we must be steadfast in our pursuit of happiness. In this recent episode of The Black Creators Club, hosts Eboné Chatman and Akilah Ffriend discussed the power in creating your happiness with Tymera Finley, the founder, and CEO of House of Mera Fashion Brand. In this inspirational and raw conversation, Finely takes listeners through her journey of launching her fashion line and brand and cultivating her happiness despite circumstances.

“I have to believe in myself to the utmost. I'm gonna see myself in the stars.” -Tymera Finely

Whether it is streetwear, couture, or everyday fashion, designing clothes is no easy task. Taking ideas and creating wearable works of art took training, dedication, and lots of leg work to build her brand from the ground up. Finely, a native from California has always had a passion and eye for fashion. Turning a side hustle and dream into a fully functioning business was no easy task and came with obstacles along the way. Tymera, who is no stranger to hard work and struggle, shared that starting her brand came from not one but two moments of clarity in her life. A former dancer, Finley knew the sacrifice and hard work behind every hustle. During her time as a dancer, Tymera found that she was not as fulfilled in her job and was not passionate about dance anymore. Her experiences as a dancer were not as glamorous as many shows like P- Valley and Players Club portrays but did show the grit needed to survive as a stripper. The overlap in Finley's hustles seemed to teach her that the only way to make a hustle work is if you put your all into it. Being a dancer and a new business owner taught her many things, including having her own back and putting her happiness first.

"The hustle mentality, just getting up and going to get it I took from that, but also to be bad ass and don't take nothing from nobody I have definitely learned that from my past life."

As creators, designers, and entrepreneurs, we know that success is a collaborative effort. Finding the correct support system is vital to business growth. During our talk, Finely shared that her support system looked different from what she expected. Unwilling to compromise her dream and the goal of self-sufficiency, Tymera put in hours of work into each piece she created and pushed to foster new connections. Starting at the very bottom, she introduced her brand and clothes through old and new marketing tactics. Tymera's brand and fashion line, House of Mera, was built through her business acumen, resilience, and inner strength. Despite the ups and downs of starting her brand and those she faced in her personal life, happiness was not an option for Finely.

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