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R&B Music Relations Mogul Walter Tucker Talks Meeting Missy Elliot and Internship w/ Pharrell

In a recent episode by The Black Creators Club, hosts Akilah Ffriend and Eboné Chatman interviewed Walter Tucker who works in the Hip-Hop and R&B Label Relations department at Apple Music. He is also the creator of the series Live the Biz, which was created to educate people about the music industry and uplift and elevate Black voices.

Walter is a true visionary and wants to leave his stamp on the music industry and Black community the best way he can. Throughout his series, he gives a detailed overview of the music industry by bringing together a variety of careers in a visual audiobook he calls Music, Mind & Motivation. He interviewed entertainment lawyers, music publishers, branding and marketing personnel, music podcasters, independent artists, music production, and record label personnel. They all came together to help fulfill Walter's vision, which came full circle when he interviewed Teddy Riley in his web series.

Walter is from Virginia Beach and found his love for music in 1991 when he was in the 1st grade. The name Teddy Riley piqued his interest as he was one of the first celebrities who was living in the area at the time. Walter noticed Riley’s name on the back of a Michael Jackson CD and it sparked his love and discovery of the music industry.

In 5th grade, Walter met Missy Elliott, who at the time was a writer/producer working with Aaliyah. One day when Walter was getting dropped off from school by the bus, he noticed a big bumble bee Hummer truck and ran up to the driver, who turned out to be Missy Elliott, to ask her where she was getting all of these flashy cars from. Missy encouraged him to stay in school and said that one day he too could be working with artists and driving Hummer trucks. Walter felt inspired that someone from the same city as him was living beyond the city limits with a successful career in music.

After meeting Missy Elliott, Walter went to college and continued on the path to pursue a career in the music industry, interning with Pharrell and The Neptunes, Warner Music, Sirius XM Radio and more. He has also lived in New York, London and is now in Los Angeles where he works for Apple Music.

This episode of the Black Creators Club gives us the rundown on the real deal of the good and bad of the industry, cancel culture, and how important it is to stay true to yourself when pursuing a career in the music industry.

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