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Sex Therapist Dr. Donna Oriowo Talks Black Sexuality, Mental Health & Colorism!

Updated: May 3, 2021

Sex therapist Dr. Donna Oriowo joins The Black Creators Club Podcast to touch on topics such as white supremacy, Black trama, generational fear, reasons to see a sex therapist & more!

In a recent episode of The Black Creators Club, hosts Akilah Ffriend and Eboné Chatman interviewed Dr. Donna Oriowo, a sex therapist who speacializes in Black sexuality, colorism and texturism. She serves the Black community with true thoughtfulness, as she chose her career path knowing that only 4% of therapists are Black and even further serve the needs of learning and educating Black people on the importance of healthy sexuality.

Please check out the episode below!

Dr. Donna is more than a sex therapist, she is really your best friend with ALL the facts and data to back up her statements. Dr. Donna is here to debunk all of the myths you thought you knew about sex and how the trama in your life is dierctly effecting the way you view yourself and others.

Sex therapy is for everyone, and it’s not all about sex it’s more about sexuality. There is a difference, sexuality is all about how you show up in the world, how you carry yourself, the items of clothes you decide to wear etc… The exploration in therapy goes beyond physical, it really taps into the self taught/ societal ideas that are ingrained in us as children. To unlearn permintant behaviors through therapy can be an eye opening experience, that in turn will teach you so much about yourself.

“What could Black people do if we weren’t all so constantly preoccupied with the narratives that white people give us ”.

Another topic that Dr. Donna brings up this idea of generational fear, as she talks about her parents being from Niegera and her being first generation American. The pressure she felt from her parents to uphold prestige and wealth by picking a career that they felt would be respected. “Their fear places the burden on the child to be a doctor, a lawyer, or an engineer”.

This is a learned behavior or mindset that gets passed down from generation to generation and Dr. Donna is here to help break cycles that hold back the Black community and don’t allow for people to think outside the box and live an authentic life.

Living an authentic life can mean so many things as Dr. Donna talks about other reasons to see a sex therapist, “ when you have issing around commuting [with your partner] around sex and sexuality, when you feel like something is not quite a miss, when you feel like you’re not inside your body, if you are wanting to explore pieces of your sexuality”.

We told you all that Dr. Donna did not come to play around, she has you covered from head to toe! She also wrote a book called Coco Butter and Hair Grease, where she targets women to really embrace who they are and what they have been blessed with physically. She does this through a series of worksheets she put together from her work in the business. This book can be purchased in the link below!

We speak on a ton of topics in this episode ranging from white supremacy, Black trama, generational fear, reasons to see a sex therapist, community and let’s not forget about that she is an author of Coco Butter and Hair Gresse. Dr. Donna came and conquered this episode of The Black Creators Club. Remember to continue to watch the full episode above and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube, Spotify and Apple podcast channels!

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