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Non-Profit Founder, Tige Charity, Finds A Way To Put Kids BACK In The Spotlight.

Updated: May 3, 2021

Non-Profit founder and author, Tige Charity, joins The Black Creators Club Podcast to talk about following your purpose, relying on community, and aiding foster youth

In a recent episode of The Black Creators Club, hosts Akilah Ffriend and Eboné Chatman interviewed Tige Charity, founder of non-profit Kids In The Spotlight and author of Not your 9 to 5 girl.

Kids in the Spotlight is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that teaches youth in foster care to tell their stories, their way, through the art of filmmaking. Since 2009, Kids In The Spotlight (KITS) has created over 75 films with more than 500 youth from foster care, where they are given full agency to tell their stories, their way, by writing, casting & starring in their own short films. Each year culminates in our annual KITS Awards, celebrating their films and accomplishments in our version of the Academy Awards or Golden Globes.

Please check out the episode below!

Kids In the Spotlight blends the two otherwise distinct worlds of foster youth and entertainment. While the non-profit presented nearly 12 years later is a well-oiled machine, Tige Charity shares her experiences, divine intervention, and drive with the Black Creators Club that helped solidify Kids In The Spotlight. Two years before jotting her business plan, Tige worked in Insurance. During the recession circa 2008, Tige shares that she lost her job.

“For the first time in my 16-17 year career, I was laid off”. This piece of Tige’s story was a testament to divine intervention and trusting your purpose. Tige shared with the hosts that at her breaking point, she had “a pow wow with God” which allowed her to clearly see the vision and mission of what would become Kids In The Spotlight. Despite having the credentials to land another 9 to 5 gig, she was not willing to prolong her destiny any further.

We further touched on the theme of moving through your career with intention and purpose through delving into Tige’s first experience at a group home. While there, she noticed the kids being very disruptive and realized they were just asking for attention. Moreover, she noticed something within herself.

“I’m coming from a place of sympathy. I just have an overwhelming sense of sympathy for these kids and I know that is not what they need. Because I know they could ask for pretty much anything and I would make it happen to compensate for the fact that they are in foster care”

After altering her mindset to become focused on elevating foster youth , Kids In The Spotlight became a place where foster youth learn to heal and grow from trauma through the power of storytelling.

Throughout the episode, Tige shares her journey in an equally awe-inspiring and motivating way. We lay out the process for any aspiring non-profit founder to follow-along. What became a common thread throughout the entire episode and throughout Tige’s journey, was the power of tapping into your community.

“You find things that could feed the soul of the people working with you without having to necessarily drain them in a sense, but something that gives them purpose. Something that makes them excited as well.”

The themes in the episode are endless as we explore all areas of finding your purpose, trusting your process, and being confident in your dreams. Tige also expanded on her journey in the Non-Profit field.

This episode of the Black Creators Club gives us the rundown on the importance of forming and relying on community while, of course, always abiding by your ABCs- Always Be Creating!

Find the full episode on Tige Charity and more content from The Black Creators Club on Youtube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. Like this article and the full interview? Make sure to share this post with a friend!

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