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Music Sensation Jake&Papa Talk How Necessity Breeds Creativity within the Music World

Updated: May 3, 2021

The pair extraordinaire, Jake&Papa join The Black Creators Club Podcast to talk about their Journey as Independent artists and how they have built an empire

In a recent episode of The Black Creators Club, hosts Akilah Ffriend and Eboné Chatman interviewed Jake&Papa, and R&B singing group that includes two brothers from Southern California who are just 20months apart. They are on their way to building an empire that can’t be stopped in the music industry. If you haven’t heard of them by now, get to know them in our episode below!

Please check out the episode here!

Jake&Papa from a very young age knew they had star power as their dad was one of the driving forces when it came to getting them to practice like the Jackson 5 and instill the great worth ethic they display on a daily basis.

Throughout the episode Jake&Papa share how they turned necessity into creativity as they created the brand of Jake&Papa from the ground up from styling, songwriting, engineering, creative visionaries etc… They are a two man band that really knows how to get the job done and with determination began to put vision into action. They focused on their craft and didn't give up on themselves, “continue to move forward no matter what is going on and you will find the answers along the way”.

As these two R&B brothers clearly show talent on screen, why aren’t they signed to a big label? Great question… they have a vision that they want to keep pure, they are on the fast track to stardom and want to continue to build on what they have built solely on their own until they are able to partner with a label. GENIUS! In 2021 it's nice to be setting your own rules and restructuring the game of the music industry.

“We allow ourselves to fail in different forms”.

The game changer in the interview was when the duo talked about how people don’t like to be bad at anything, which doesn’t allow you to grow or find new ways that could work better, saying “we allow ourselves to fail in different forms”. Out of necessity they needed to try other ways to get the job done and mostly because they didn’t want to have to rely on anyone, which is why they wear so many hats and in the process fell in love with the extra work.

The themes in the episode are endless as we explore all areas of the music industry and of course we couldn’t allow our guest to leave without playing a fun game with them and letting them sing us to the heavens with a song association game that we borrowed from elle magazine!

This episode of the Black Creators Club gives us the rundown on the importance of turning necessity into creativity and remember to always abide by your ABCs- Always Be Creating!

You won’t be disappointed! Tune in and watching the full episode of singing sensation Jake&Papa and more content from The Black Creators Club on Youtube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. Like this article and the full interview? Make sure to share this post with a friend!

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